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The health and safety of Sage Corps students is our number one priority, and in order to keep members of our communities safe, adequate planning and preparation is required. While we hope that there will be no medical emergencies, political unrest, or natural disasters, events exist that are beyond our control. Sage Corps intends to have all students and staff as prepared as possible, as unforeseen situations can arise. We strive to be prepared for any situation with our emergency and crisis response plan. The following information is a snapshot into the comprehensive plan. Please note that local and present situations may require flexibility in this plan in order to make practical decisions that are best for the Sage Corps community as a whole.


The Sage Corps emergency plan is comprised of on-going staff training and student orientations each term; however, this guide can only prepare for foreseeable risks. Each member of the Sage Corps community must use their best judgment in an emergency and be sure to communicate frequently and efficiently in a crisis. All communication must be documented and include important and complete notes including the parties involved, details of the incident, location of emergency, and how it was handled and resolved.

Emergency is a broad term that encompasses many different events. It is important in an emergency to define the severity of an event. The Sage Corps headquarters emergency team works in tandem with the city manager regarding each scenario and outcome based on the severity of the situation. Our emergency team receives training regarding emergency response.


All Sage Corps students are enrolled in International Health Insurance which includes an Emergency Evacuation Rider. All students will receive comprehensive information about medical insurance. In the case of an emergency evacuation, Sage Corps headquarters will coordinate directly with the city manager and the insurance company. Students who comply with all instructions will incur no costs for an emergency evacuation.


All students are responsible for registering with the U.S. State Department through the STEP program. In the event that a travel warning is issued by the State Department, the Sage Corps team will review the warning and determine the severity. At that time, Sage Corps will advise students and staff accordingly if a change of plans is required, whether this happens prior to, or after, departure.


All students must have a working cell phone abroad that allows for Sage Corps staff to contact them via text and voice call. This can be a local number that is acquired upon arrival or a U.S. phone that has international capabilities. . Students must have wifi-enabled phones so that they can respond to emergency Whatsapp messages from Sage Corps staff at all times. If a student’s phone is compromised, they must provide Sage Corps, as well as their family and friends, with a supplementary number at which they can be reached.


Sage Corps follows Covid-19 related protocols as set forth by the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. State Department. All students participating in an in-person Sage Corps program must be fully-vaccinated for COVID-19 at least two weeks prior to leaving for a program, or show written proof of a medical or religious exemption (signed by the appropriate professional).

For additional details on our COVID-19 protocols and our broader emergency plan, please email [email protected]. We wish for all students, staff, and families to have a safe and healthy experience with Sage Corps.

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