One of our biggest goals is to make the abroad experience accessible and affordable to as many young people as possible, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, culture, background, or identity. We’re proud to offer a partial program scholarship to need-based candidates who reflect these values and wish to help build a more diverse Sage Corps community.

Sage Corps and Diversity

Since 2013, Sage Corps has been promoting diversity in each of our programs. According to the Institute of International Education, more than 68% of college students who go abroad are white. To compare, out of every student Sage Corps has ever sent abroad, roughly 50% are minorities.

How does the scholarship work?

  • Scholarships are awarded a week after each round and can be applied towards our remote and summer abroad programs.
  • Scholarship amounts will vary, but will cap at $1,000 for summer abroad programs and $250 for the remote program. You are only eligible for one Sage Corps scholarship per program.
  • To be eligible, you must receive a formal offer to join our program. You will be considered for the scholarship once you have completed all steps of the admissions process (application, resume, and interview), and after we have sent you an offer.
  • Students who are paying through their university are not eligible for Sage Corps Scholarships and should inquire with their home university for all payment related questions.

Scholarship Application

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