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Connect with a Sage Corps alum who has interned abroad. Read more about our current ambassadors and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to be connected with a specific alumni or we will connect you with an alum who can help answer your questions.


Britney Wang

Britney, currently a junior studying Human Centered-Design & Development (Information Science Technology) at Penn State University. She interned with a concierge service startup in Sydney, Australia called Breakawave, where her responsibilities included cold calling, lead generation, and networking through LinkedIn. Spending 8-weeks in Sydney was a transformational experience for Britney. She added, “What I gained most from the internship was the mindset training that encouraged me to start living life with intentions and makes me the person I am today.”


Kelly Yu

Kelly is a Finance major at Boston College. She interned in Paris where she was tasked with helping her startup, Stafiz, expand to the UK market. Some of her major projects included sizing the target market and projecting profit margins, conducting competitive research and keyword analysis, and optimizing content. She shared that “Through this internship experience, I was not only able to gain exposure to the startup world and learn more about the professional setting, but I was also exposed to such a wide array of perspectives and experiences that widened my world view.”

Ambassador Shin Wu

Shin Wu

Shin, an Economics and Computer Science major at Colby College, she interned remotely this summer at hosstinn, an EdTech startup as a Business Analytics Intern, she helped them build user feedback reports, attended virtual opening and closing events and enjoyed talking to peers passionate about exploring their future. When asked what she thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Shin said “I think Sage Corps gives students the opportunity to explore career paths at an earlier stage. The remote program I did helped me develop better time management by dealing with time differences.”

Eliza Cohen

Eliza Cohen

Eliza is a Psychology major at University of Pennsylvania. She spent the summer in Paris at Watch Certificate and learned so much from her experience. The internship was separated into three different sectors. Watch Certificate certifies and provides market valuations for luxury watches. When asked what she thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Eliza said “Sage Corps connects you with kids from all over the world and helps you feel comfortable and a sense of security in a foreign country. I entered this program knowing no one and currently I am studying abroad and traveling with girls I met this past summer in Paris. Sage Corps also allowed me to experience Paris like a local. I now know my way around this city and am able to share my knowledge and experiences with my friends.”

Nick Apostolicas

Nick is an Economics major at Harvard University. He interned with Watch Certificate, an AI tech startup that essentially creates a digital passport for a watch. At Watch Certificate, he created an international expansion plan advising them whether or not to expand to the US, UK, AUS and ASIA and created revenue builds, getting interviews with high level industry leaders. When asked what he thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Nick said “The city managers truly make the experience. I loved being independent and learning how to live on my own but having an event or the opportunity to attend an event made the experience feel the perfect level of structure. They also helped us navigate the city very well and were almost like “cool parents” to have while abroad.”

Kaitlynn Sims

Kaitlynn graduated from the University of Michigan (LSA) with her degree in Psychology and is now attending UCLA pursuing her Master’s of Education in Transformative Coaching and Leadership. She spent her summer down under, interning with a mental health app/EAP called Uprise. She wrote blog posts about mental health in the workplace, conducted research about SEO and made warm sales calls to potential clients. When asked what she thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Kaitlynn said “I feel that Sage Corps is unique in that you receive all the benefits from study abroad (such as cultural exposure, international traveling experience, meeting tons of new people, etc) BUT you get more out of the professional development part of the experience.”


Jack Griffin

Jack is a junior Applied Math + Theater, Dance, and Media Major at Harvard University. He spent the summer in Barcelona as a marketing consulting intern with Qualifyze, a pharmaceutical auditing company in Barcelona. Over the course of the summer he assisted with the revamping of their website and company image, created a competitors database with extensive information and analytics on other pharmaceutical auditors in the market, and used tools such as Google analytics and LinkedIn analytics to improve their customer acquisition. Jack had an incredible time in Barcelona and noted, “Sage Corps provides every piece of value I need for my future applications. I was worried going into freshman summer that no one would want someone without experience, but Sage Corps provided the online training, connections, interview tips, and advice I needed. Now, in the future I can show future employers my work in the startup world, with international knowledge, as well as on job knowledge.” 

Ambassador-Zenan Zhuang-photos

Zenan Zhuang

Zenan, is a Business Data Analytics major at Arizona State University, he interned remotely this summer. He interned at Jadeblok, a UK-based startup specializing in decentralized blockchain IP services, as a Business Analytics Intern. He had the opportunity to work closely with the CEO in a financial and business analysis role. His responsibilities included assisting the founder with various tasks such as financial modeling, sales forecasting, pitch deck preparation, competition analysis, and market research utilizing advanced AI tools. When asked what he thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Zenan said “It is a valuable opportunity to learn and collaborate with founders, as well as gain a partial understanding of running business; I realized the importance of time management and a good team culture will affect the whole project process.”

Drey McGrew​-pic

Drey McGrew

Drey is a Computer Information Systems major at Ball State University, who spent his summer in Sydney. He undertook a pivotal role as Product Management Intern at Education Perfect, a thriving scale-up company. During his internship, he worked closely with the Product & Engineering department and had the privilege of shadowing the Company’s Head of Delivery. Some of his assignments were completing 6 internal projects that all had the goal of improving the company from within. Drey honed his communication skills and became proficient in the software used for task assignment and team management. When asked what he thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Drey said “Sage Corps is unique because it provides an opportunity for people who are eager to get ahead of their peers and accept hard challenges. I think Sage Corps is a great experience for those who want to develop themselves professionally, pursue entrepreneurship, and challenge themselves by removing the stability and comfortability of a home environment.”

Aaron Grimm

Aaron Grimm

Aaron, a Finance major at University of Colorado Boulder (Leeds), interned in Dublin at GreyScout, a brand protection software company that targets potentially fraudulent online sales from unauthorized resellers, with major clients including Google and Waterwipes. As a Business Analytics intern, Aaron issued single-use debit cards via Stripe for each job, and maintained a monthly log of test purchases shared with clients. During the summer, he achieved significant efficiency gains in the test purchase process through automation software like Zapier. When asked what he thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Aaron said “I think the fact that Sage Corps specializes in setting up students with opportunities to work with startup companies is a really special and unique experience. You don’t often see startup companies doing large-scale recruiting like an established firm would, and Sage Corps set many students up with opportunities they would likely never have even heard about if it wasn’t for the program’s network and connections with startup hubs around the world.”

Andrea Gardner

Andrea Gardner

Andrea is an Electrical Engineering major at University of Illinois, who spent her summer in Berlin. She interned at Tuesday Coworking which is a relaxed and independently owned & operated coworking space in Schöneberg & Wilmersdorf, Berlin as a Sales and Business Development  intern. Her job was to provide tours of the coworking area, She was also asked to find a CRM system and alarm system for the company. When asked what she thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Andrea said “I felt like compared to other options I had to go abroad, Sage Corps allowed me to be able to interact with people who lived in the city that I visited. Many of the other programs in the US don’t allow for that. I was able to see what life was like in Berlin.”


Emma Sammons

Emma, a Business Administration major at Florida Southern College, spent her summer in Paris. She interned at Fix That Shirt, a fashion tech startup nestled in the city’s core, where her role was Marketing Intern. Emma played a vital role in managing the company’s social media channels and contributing to its overall development. What set her experience apart were the unique opportunities to attend events with the founders, including VivaTech Paris, Ayden Accelerator and Paris Fashion Week. Her major projects were creating new brand properties and media content, specifically on Instagram and LinkedIn. Emma views Sage Corps as a truly exceptional program, primarily due to the collaborative environment it fosters among fellow college students. She shared that “whether it was riding the metro to work together or grabbing lunch on our breaks, it was incredibly helpful for all of us to stay focused.” Moreover, all the internships within Sage Corps were with startups with environmentally focused brands, aligning with Emma’s passions.

Bryce Kilburn

Bryce Kilburn

Bryce, a Considering: Communications major at University of Michigan (LSA), spent his summer in Sydney. He was the Marketing intern for ClickView, an education tech company. Some of his significant projects included doing extensive research on their marketing data and brainstorming different ways to increase numbers on both social media and email marketing. When asked what he thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Bryce said “I think Sage Corps is so amazing! I could truly say this past summer was the best in my entire life. I met so many people around my age with some of the same goals as me. We traveled together, and shared our goals! We lived together and some became some of my very good friends! It was a great opportunity to gain connections around the world. I loved every second of my time in Sydney. It was refreshing to see how people in different parts of the world live. I have gained so much knowledge from this global experience. After this trip, I want to never stop traveling.”

Emma Scznsny

Emma Scznsny

Emma, a double major in Data Science and Anthropology at University of Michigan (LSA), spent her summer in Barcelona. She interned at Stockagile, a software-as-a-service (SAAS) company specializing in stock management solutions, as a Data Intern. Emma worked with the marketing department to create buyer personas to determine the ideal customers for targeted marketing campaigns. She also created competitor battle cards to help the sales team tell customers how they compare to other competitors. Her biggest project involved building databases of businesses and analyzing their websites and ecommerce platforms to determine compatibility with Stockagile’s services. When asked what she thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Emma said “Sage Corps is unique because it not only provides students with incredible opportunities but also helps them every step of the way. With Sage Corps, you don’t just apply then get sent away. The whole Sage Corps team works to help find a startup that is right for you.”

Evan Reynolds

Evan, a dual major in Physics and Statistics at Harvard University, dedicated his summer to an internship in Sydney. He joined ClickView, a startup located in the heart of Sydney, as a Data Analyst Intern. His role involved crucial responsibilities, including Customer Cohort Analysis, uncovering insights into high-retention customer groups, and developing the ACV Algorithm to estimate Annual Contract Values for various accounts using Python.These experiences not only honed his analytical skills but also deepened his understanding of global business operations. When asked what he thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Evan said “Sage Corps stands out in its holistic approach to internships. While many programs might offer international experiences or quality internships, Sage Corps seamlessly blends both. His Australian journey extended beyond professional growth at ClickView, providing insights into Australian culture, local nuances, and a global perspective on workplace dynamics. Sage Corps allowed Evan to be more than just an intern; it made him a global citizen.


Emily Devries

Emily, a Human-Centered Computing major at Rochester Institute of Technology, spent her summer in Lisbon. She interned at Pearl Jars / Hello-Bottle as a UX/UI Designer intern. Emily’s role encompassed conducting in-depth research with Google Analytics and revamping websites for both Pearl Jars (B2C) and the Hello-Bottle (B2B). She enthusiastically tackled diverse tasks, including customer outreach, video editing, YouTube uploads and starring in videos demonstrating creative recipes using jars. Emily finds Sage Corps uniquely transformative. Her European experience instilled newfound self-confidence and expanded her horizons. She shares “I was able to complete so many cool projects to add to my portfolio and was able to have a positive impact on the company I worked for. I also gained so much knowledge of the culture of Lisbon and would love to go back. I made connections through my job and more importantly I made so many friendships through the program.”

Andrew Wilbur

Andrew Wilbur

Andrew, a Finance & Real Estate major at University of Colorado Boulder (Leeds), spent his summer in Lisbon. He interned at MeerChat, a new social app as the Business Development Analytics intern. His internship began remotely, primarily focusing on creating engaging social media content. However, upon arrival in Lisbon, his role evolved significantly. Andrew’s responsibilities shifted towards user acquisition on a variety of channels such as Reddit, Discord, and Facebook. He manages both social media, user acquisition, and user retention in the app. When asked what he thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Andrew said “Being able to work in the startup environment is unlike any other and is something that at least each person should experience once. I gained insights into what I am capable of doing in the future, and was able to see somewhere outside of America for the first time, which was surreal.”

Cameron Li

Cameron, pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration at University of Michigan, spent his summer in Barcelona. He interned at Loyapp, a start-up company that provides a loyalty service for local businesses in Spain, as a business development intern. His primary focus was expanding the company’s client base beyond Barcelona to other cities in Spain. Despite being part of a small team of six, Cameron’s experience extended far beyond the scope of business development. His main project involved extensive market research across Spain, identifying over 2500 potential clients and implementing an automated CRM chain for cold email outreach. Cameron values Sage Corps for its unique blend of international experience and internship opportunities. He shared that this program not only allowed him to explore Barcelona but also other European cities like Paris, Nice, Lisbon, Pamplona, and Amsterdam, allowing him to appreciate different cultures and experiences. Living independently, away from home, fostered independence and personal growth, giving him a glimpse of his future.

Aayan Hussain

Aayan is a Computer Science and Math major at University of Richmond. He interned remotely this summer as a Software and Data Intern with Elder Home SHare, a startup based in Dublin, opearing in the Healthcare service industry. His primary project involved creating and revamping the company’s website. When asked what he thinks makes Sage Corps unique, Aayan said “There’s so many amazing and unique things about Sage Corps. If a student wants real work experience not in a big firm but in a place where they will do a lot of work in return to make a bigger impact then Sage Corps is for them. If a student wants to go abroad over the summer and experience a different culture and country then Sage Corps is for them. Sage Corps combines all these great aspects and turns it into one so it’s the best of both worlds. Even though I was remote, the rest of my team was in Ireland so I still got to learn a lot about Irish culture and really got close with my coworkers even though I never actually met them in person.”

Jay Aziabor-300x300

Jay Aziabor

Jay, a Statistics & Data Science major at Yale University, spent his summer in Berlin. He was the Software intern at House of Change, a sustainability-focused startup. His primary project involved creating an AI-based sustainability/compliance bi-weekly newsletter for the company. The newsletter featured the most recent & relevant news in the greenwashing world as well as overviews of the most important compliance regulations. Additionally, Jay contributed by gathering data and conducting research for various smaller projects. Jay recognizes Sage Corps for its exceptional resource offerings, especially through platforms like LinkedIn Learning. He shared that “these resources empowered me with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in my role, fostering my personal and professional growth throughout the program.” What truly set Sage Corps apart, in Jay’s view, was its unique blend of professionalism and a warm, friendly, and enjoyable atmosphere. This balanced environment encouraged dedication and seriousness in work while promoting collaboration, camaraderie, and personal development.

Nicholas Markis

Niko, a University of Michigan (LSA) Economics major, interned in Dublin at Xelda, an accounting service for small to medium-sized businesses. His internship encompassed various projects, from business development, to coding and data enrichment, including designing business cards, brochures, and social media outreach. Within the first week, he completed these tasks and compiled a list of Dublin’s most popular restaurants, hotels, and B&B’s. Niko highly values Sage Corps for its unique global internship opportunities and the supportive community it fosters. He shared that “the chance to live with other college students from across the company was incredible and made it so that being away from home was less intimidating.” His goal in joining this program was to broaden his horizons, not only through work experience but also by immersing in European work culture and lifestyle. Most importantly, he treasures the meaningful relationships formed during this global adventure. 

Gavin Lindsey

Gavin, an Environmental Science and Engineering major at Harvard University, spent his summer in Dublin. Serving as a Marketing intern at Foodcloud, a pioneering social enterprise startup combating food waste in Ireland and the UK, gavin immersed himself in impactful projects aimed at creating a sustainable future. His role involved spearheading dynamic marketing initiatives, orchestrating countless emails, and crafting social media content. Additionally, Gavin gained hands-on experience by contributing to the innovative food truck team. Together, they conceptualied, build and launched a groundbreaking food truck that repurposes surplus food, embodying Foodcloud’s mission in action. Reflecting on his experience, Gavin states, “I think Sage Corps offers a very valuable opportunity for people to live and work abroad, but also live and cohabitate with their peers in a similar setting. This way it is much easier integrating and enjoying when you have people to adapt with.”

headshots cbe-0993

Joey Liu

Joey was a Business Analytics intern at Startupbootcamp, and worked on a fast-track accelerator program specifically for female-led startups known as Momentum. Immersed in the Momentum program, an accelerator dedicated to empowering female-led startups, Joey played a pivotal role in nurturing innovative ventures from concept to reality. Her responsibilities included a diverse spectrum, ranging from operational duties to providing strategic consultancy and contributing to the development of an online business curriculum. Through her unwavering dedication and keen insights, Joey made invaluable contributions to the program’s success. Throughout her experience, Joey conveyed profound gratitude for the steadfast support provided by Sage Corps. Joey shared, ‘I really valued the amount of support I received through Sage Corps. I always felt safe knowing that if anything happened to me in Amsterdam, my amazing program leaders would be there for me through it all. Furthermore, I bonded with my cohort of students and had the best time exploring a new culture. Interning in Amsterdam opened my eyes to a new work culture, work-life balance, and potential career paths.'”

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