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Where Are They Now?

Sage Corps’ 1,200 Alumni have gone on to work at top global companies, premiere startups, and some even start their own businesses! 86% of Sage Corps alumni are employed in full-time jobs within 3 months of graduating from college.

Check out where some of our past Sage Corps students are now:

The unparalleled opportunity to work alongside global entrepreneurs positions our alumni far ahead of their peers in the eyes of prospective employers. It really makes a difference!

Shaun Lee

Shaun Lee

As a member of Sage Corps’ founding cohort in 2013, Shaun took a different path than his peers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton Business School. While most went to Wall Street, Shaun spent his summer in Buenos Aires working for Shopperception, where he focused on growth strategy and investor relations. His finance background helped him build financial models and pitch decks for venture capital investors.

Armed with this unique global experience, Shaun graduated from Wharton and went on to work as a Banking Analyst at UBS’ technology group. From there, he became a venture capitalist by age 25 as an associate at Rogers Venture Partners.

Read more about Shaun’s professional journey here.


Kaleen Iwema

Before Sage Corps, Kaleen Iwema had learned different coding languages in her computer science courses, but she had never written a line of code for a real company. In our program, she was tasked with building a new interface that leveraged Google Maps for an e-commerce site. That experience catalyzed her growth as a software engineer.

The following semester, Kaleen went on to work as a teaching assistant in the Department of Computer Science at Mt. Holyoke College, and upon graduating, accepted a full time position as a software engineer at IBM. She currently works as a Senior Software Engineer at MyFitnessPal.

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver had never set foot outside of the United States before Sage Corps. But, eager to push himself outside of his comfort zone, Sean flew to South America and landed at an outdoor apparel company called GoodPeople. While trying to navigate a new city in a foreign language, he dove head first into a live company acquisition — GoodPeople was exploring a potential sale. With no experience working on a live acquisition, Sean rolled up his sleeves and immersed himself in the project.

After his Sage Corps internship, Sean returned to school at Northwestern University. He went on to intern at Healthbox, a leading healthcare venture capital fund in Chicago. After graduating with a dual degree in Communication Studies and Economics, Sean accepted a position as a consultant at Oliver Wyman.

Jack Adons

Jack Adons

After studying abroad in Europe, Jack Adons wanted a completely different global experience. With Sage Corps, he found a unique opportunity to spend two months in Singapore. He worked as an intern at Divegraphy where he drove marketing analysis, content creation, social media management, and Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) initiatives.

He later went on to work as a Researcher at his university, Bates College, before graduating with a degree in Economics. He now works in sales at a highly successful “Unicorn” (valued at over $1 billion) startup in the cybersecurity industry called Crowdstrike.

Eugénie Gruman

Eugénie Gruman

As a management student at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Eugenie Gruman knew she wanted to work for a “B2C” (business-to-consumer) company. During her Sage Corps internship, she interned for a startup that built a fulfillment solution for global ecommerce brands. At this startup, she created financial models and key performance indicators (“KPIs”) to evaluate the company’s sales records and test potential growth strategies.

After graduating with a degree in Multinational Management and Retailing, she went on to work in Business Development at Birst, and currently serves as Marketing Manager in Europe for HotelTonight.

Rob Laventure

Rob Laventure

As a mechanical engineer, Rob jumped at the opportunity to build a prosthetic leg for a startup in Santiago, Chile. In 8 weeks, he worked with another Sage Corps student to design and build a working prototype. You can learn more about Rob’s experience in this feature by PSU.

After his Sage Corps internship, Rob went on to gain more great design experience through his university as a Design Engineer for ProvideAgro-Bartlett. His team’s design project won first place at the annual NABEC 2017 undergraduate engineering design competition. And after graduating this May, Rob will join Accenture as a consultant. We can’t wait to see what he builds for clients there!

Alumni Stories

Don’t just take our word for it that this experience will change your career trajectory. Read below about our past Sage Corps students who reflect on their transformative time overseas and how they were able to leverage the experience into their next dream job.

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