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Sage Corps is proud to offer international internship programs that are priced 20-35% less than the average study abroad program. However, we know outside funding makes our program financially accessible. We’ve amassed a list of ways that past Sage Corps students have successfully funded all or part of their program. While this list is not exhaustive, it should provide some ideas to get you started – your university can also offer guidance.

Beyond university and third party funding options, Sage Corps also offers partial scholarships to select students, and some startups offer stipends to students in order to help reimburse students after the program for  daily meals and public transport costs.

Scholarships and Grants

Sage Corps Scholarships

In an effort to bring more diversity into the intern abroad space, Sage Corps offers three partial scholarships for need-based applicants. We encourage you to apply for any of the scholarships you qualify for, but students are limited to receiving only one Sage Corps scholarship.

For the Summer 2024 abroad and remote program, Sage Corps Scholarships are awarded in three rounds. To view the application deadlines for each round, please see the table below. Applicants can expect to hear back on scholarship results approximately one week after the application deadline. 

 Scholarship Application Deadline
Round 1February 1, 2024
Round 2March 20, 2024
Round 3April 18, 2024

University Scholarships and Grants

These scholarships are available to students in specific university departments. Click on your university’s logo to be taken to the scholarship website. Please note that these scholarships are in no way affiliated with Sage Corps, and grant-specific guidelines may change year to year. Many of these university grants will not fund private intern abroad program fees, but they will fund students for costs such as airfare, housing, meals, insurance, local transport, etc that students incur when living and working in a new city for the summer. The grant applications typically ask students to list out these individual budgeted costs. Before you apply for a grant, feel free to contact us.

Arizona State University

Boston College - Carroll School of Management

Boston University

Brown Connect SPRINT Link Award

Student Academic Enhancement Fund

Internship Funding

Sponsored Internships & Experiences

DePaul University

Davis Grants for Global Experiences

Summer Internship Funding

Summer Internship Grant Program

University of Florida - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Unpaid Internship Resources


Harvard OCS

Arts + Sciences Internship Funding

Hutton Honors College Internship Grant

E. J. Ourso College of Business

Summer and IAP Scholarships

Michigan State Funding Opportunities

CCI Internship Grant

Summer Internship Grant Program

College of the Liberal Arts Enrichment Funds

PCIP Summer Funding

Summer Internship Plus

Learning Beyond the Classroom Grant

Praxis Program

Intern Scholarship Program

The University of Chicago

IPE Funding

Career Development Funding

Global Oregon Undergraduate Award

Summer Funding

LSA Internship Scholarship

Global Experience Award

Wharton Entrepreneurship Fellowship

Global Studies Internship Program

Monica Miller Walsh Internship Grants

University of Southern California

Texas Global Internship Funding

Funding Your Internship

Summer Travel Grant

Worldwide Internship Program Grant

Summer Experiences Award

Cornell Summer Experience Grants

If you do not see your university on this list and would like help researching university grant options, please contact us.

Intern/Study Abroad Grants

These external scholarships and grants can potentially be applied to our programs. The requirements and eligibility vary by scholarship. Click on an organization’s logo to be taken to the scholarship website. Please note that these organizations are in no way affiliated with Sage Corps.

Gilman International Scholarship

Freeman-Asia Scholarship

Fund for Education Abroad

Summer Experiences Award


Scholarship Directories

While we’ve listed a handful of scholarships above, there are other opportunities available. Here are some resources to help your search.


Diversity Abroad

BigFuture by The College Board



Student Scholarship Search

Uni Go

Summer Experiences Award


Financial Aid

Students in select programs at universities may be able to use financial aid to help cover Sage Corps program costs. Ask your academic advisor and/or university internship office if you can use financial aid or scholarships.


Many past Sage Corps students have successfully used crowdfunding to fund all or part of their Sage Corps program. Click the images below to be taken to platforms where you can set up your own crowdfunding campaign. If you’re looking for inspiration on what a great campaign looks like, check out this one by program applicant Isabella.

Fund My Travel

Fund My Travel



Once you’ve exhausted the list above, don’t forget that there are many creative ways you can help fund the program yourself. Here are a few ideas:

  • Get paid and get professional experience with Micro-Internships through Parker Dewey.
  • Get a part-time job on or near campus
  • Ask for contributions from family and friends as birthday, graduation, and/or holiday gifts
  • See if any family members have extra airline frequent flier miles they’d be willing to donate
  • Do odd jobs around the house or for neighbors – babysit, shovel snow, mow the lawn, organize a messy basement
  • Ask for a loan from family or friends and use Pigeon Loans to structure the terms and repayments

Here is an additional resource from that provides information and support to equip students with a strong foundation in financial literacy, budgeting, and saving.

No matter how you fund your time abroad, be sure to make your goals and purpose clear to the people you’re reaching out to. And don’t forget to thank them for their support with a written letter or personal email.

Curious to find out more? Get in touch with us today!