Sydney is a business hub that embraces sustainability, culture, and outdoor living. Interested in working with companies related to health, wellness, and active lifestyles? This is the startup scene for you. This is an emerging start up hub with lots of growth happening— be ready to hustle.

With its laid-back beach culture, networking is particularly important for budding entrepreneurs in Sydney. Forming authentic, real connections with people you meet here can be your biggest asset.

If you're not afraid to put yourself out there and take risks, you've got what it takes to make a splash in this beautiful beach town.  


"This experience has helped me get closer to achieving my post-graduation goals because it’s another learning experience under my belt. I’ve had the experience working for corporate jobs in America, and I wanted to try something new and get this work experience in Australia where there is a completely different business culture. I also got to see how startups operate and how tough it is to be an entrepreneur. For that reason, it has been a very humbling experience because these companies work harder than anyone and have such great obstacles to face."

- Jonah Sacks, Summer 2017, UT AUstin

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  • 8- or 12- week program
  • Work full-time at a tech startup 
  • Attend weekly professional networking events and speaker series
  • Pricing