Sage Corps RIT


Looking for co-op credit? Want to intern abroad? With the potential of earning a stipend? Sage Corps is not an average 9-5 internship experience. Here’s why:

  • Regardless of your major, the Sage Corps Entrepreneurship Program will give your resume an entrepreneurial edge. You’ll prove that you’re self-motivated, innovative and ready to take on any challenge. And we really mean any major - you don’t need to be an engineer or business student to succeed in our programs (but you can be).

  • For this 12 (Fall/Spring) or 8 (Summer) week program, you’ll work full-time alongside CEOs, CMOs, and CTOs to build real solutions to real problems. Your days won’t consist of coffee runs and making copies, but instead will be spent creating go-to market strategies, mobile apps, or other things that will truly make a difference in your startup.

  • You’ll live like a local, both personally and professionally. During our weekly on-site professional development programming, you’ll build a global network. Forget the touristy vacation experience—our fellows will feel connected with and immersed in the local culture.


Locations and Program Dates:

Amsterdam, Netherlands: June 12 - August 7

Barcelona, Spain: June 23 - August 17

Berlin, Germany: June 16 - August 10

Buenos Aires, Argentina: June 12 - August 7

Dublin, Ireland: June 23 - August 17

Hong Kong: June 15 - August 10

Melbourne, Australia: June 15 - August 10

Mexico City, Mexico: June 16 - August 10

Santiago, Chile: June 16 - August 10

Shanghai, China: June 18 - August 14

Stockholm, Sweden: June 19 - August 14

Sydney, Australia: June 18 - August 14

Application Deadline:
Students must apply by March 31 to explore RIT funding options.
Please email Maria Richart at once you have started your application.

Fall 2019

Program Dates:
TBD, 12 weeks

Amsterdam, Netherlands or Sydney, Australia

Application Deadline:
Students must apply by July 31 to explore RIT funding options.
Please email Maria Richart at once you have started your application.

Please contact Maria Richart once you begin your application:

Maria Richart
Office of Career Services and Cooperative Education, Rochester Institute of Technology