Summer 2019 Dates: June 16 - August 10

Over the past several years, Mexico's economy has been exploding. With more than $1 billion in venture capital investments in 2015 alone, Mexico has made it one of the fastest growing tech hubs in Latin America.

Wonder why? It doesn’t hurt that Mexico is one of the world’s largest economies, one that economists see as breaking into the top 10 in the next several years. It also has a youthful population (half of which are under 27) and a university system producing more than 130,000 engineers every year.

Mexico City

"One thing that really surprised me about my Sage Corps experience is the amount of time I spend with my internship team! I didn't think I would spend most of my time with them --> with working, going out, etc. But it has really enhanced my working abroad experience because they are really good people!"

- Pierra White, Summer 2018, University of MIchigan

What it's like