Winter Start! 2020 Dates: January 2-11

PRICING: $2499

Summer 2020 Dates: June 14-Aug 8

Pricing: $6699

Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, has a thriving startup ecosystem. It was recently named the European Capital of Innovation by iCapital, and for good reason. With top incubators and massive co-working spaces for entrepreneurs that host hundreds of companies, the city continues to grow into a European startup leader.  With both the government and private sector developing new entrepreneurial initiatives, Amsterdam is an ideal location to immerse yourself in a fast-paced startup environment while enjoying the charm of a historic European city. Students looking to intern in Amsterdam will not be disappointed by all that this city has to offer!


“Every student takes a typical internship with a corporate company in the US. VERY few students get to say that they interned in a foreign country. It makes you - as a job candidate - stand out beyond measures, and shows you can step out of your comfort zone.”

- Caroline Carder, Summer 2018, UGA

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