Summer Start! 2020 Dates: Aug 9-22

Pricing: $1999

Although many cities in the region are emerging as players in the startup industry, Santiago is without a doubt the entrepreneurial hub of Latin America. In fact, so many of South America's most innovative companies are based in Santiago that the city is called "Chilecon Valley." Hundreds of foreign entrepreneurs come to Santiago each year to launch new companies after receiving attractive financial incentives from government-backed programs that helped create new jobs and economic development for the region. Add Chilecon Valley to your list of potential destinations if you want to be at the center of innovation and creativity in Latin America.


"I was looking for a job and applied on a whim to Sage Corps trying to work in either their New York (where I'm from) or Chicago office but mentioned I would be open to positions in South America. I was offered a position in Santiago and at first thought I would decline. The more I looked into it the more I thought why not try something more adventurous this summer. I'm thrilled I took the position and glad that little voice inside my head said why not."

- David Scaramucci, Summer 2017, Notre Dame

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Intern abroad in Santiago, Chile this Spring!