Sage Corps' programs offer a unique opportunity to gain unparalleled professional experience in an international setting, all within a cost structure that is actually less than many more traditional college abroad programs.

To help frame your decision-making process, we have put together detailed information about our services and pricing below. You can also check out our financial resources page for a detailed guide on funding options such as scholarships and grants.




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*All prices include housing
(except for Austin, Chicago, and Denver)


To help clarify where your dollars go, we've created the chart below. 
Note: Only average costs are represented, and costs vary across each location.



INITIAL PAYMENT: $1,000 (guarantees your placement in the program, gives you access to exclusive pre-departure curriculum and resources) due within 10 days of receipt of offer

HOUSING & INSURANCE PAYMENT: $2,000 (the cost of housing might be a bit more or less in each city, but the housing payment is standard for all participants except those participating in US programs) due 60 days prior to program start date

PROGRAM BALANCE: The remaining balance after the initial payment and housing are deducted (this differs for all cities) due 30 days prior to program start date

Program prices vary based on a variety of factors, such as housing type (dorm/student residence, homestay, or shared apartment), program duration, and other customizations.

Please note that the costs for airfare, most meals, and immigration sponsorship (visas, if required) are not included in our baseline pricing.

Many of our Fellows receive grants, scholarships, or other financial support from their home university to cover at least a portion of the costs associated with living abroad. Fellows may also be eligible to receive academic credit at their university. Check out our Financial Assistance page for further information about funding opportunities.