Sage Corps recruits top students from all over the country and enrolls about 8-10% of our applicants to join the program as a Fellow. Fellows intern abroad full-time for global startup companies from a diverse array of industries. Before leaving, fellows receive online training, support, and access to our wide range of resources. After the internship concludes, fellows are forever connected to our vast network of mentors and alumni - The Sage Network.

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Academic Credit

We believe that experience is the new classroom and our programs prove it. We’ve taken the traditional study abroad model and flipped it to ensure our fellows are a step ahead both academically and professionally. Fellows who participate in our two-week Start! program, or 8-12 week summer and semester programs may enroll in up to two courses to earn academic credit.*

Our academic partner and school of record, Trinity, offers our fellows the opportunity to earn academic credit while completing a global internship. The best news? We’re able to offer transferrable** credit at a fraction of the cost of most university tuitions.

* Students interested in earning credit must first register with Trinity to enroll in the course. ** Student’s home universities must pre-approve transferrable credit.

Pricing Information

Deciding to go abroad is a big commitment and substantial financial investment. It is very important, therefore, to understand what you’re looking for in your abroad experience. Sage Corps' programs offer a unique opportunity to gain unparalleled professional experience in an international setting within a cost structure that is actually less than that of many university tuitions. To help frame your decision-making process, we have put together detailed information about our services and pricing below.


Program prices vary based on a variety of factors, such as housing type (e.g. dorm/student residence, homestay, or shared apartment), program duration, and other customizations.


Many of our Fellows receive grants, scholarships, or other financial support from their home university to cover at least a portion of the costs associated with living abroad. Fellows may also be eligible to receive academic credit at their university. Check out our Financial Assistance page for further information about funding opportunities.

To help clarify where Fellows' dollars go, we created the pie chart below.  Note: Only average costs are represented, and costs vary across each location.



Never worry about finding a place to stay - Sage Corps pre-arranges housing for Fellows in all programs. Depending on the city, you’ll live with your cohort in shared student apartments (Europe/Australia), hotels/ hostels (Asia), or family homestays (South America), fully furnished and complete with linens, wifi, and utilities,. We’ll make sure that your living arrangements are close to or in the city center, within a reasonable commute to your program site.


Sage Corps secures health insurance for Fellows in all of our international programs. All medical insurance plans have a $0 deductible and include medical and security evacuation coverage in case of emergency.


Getting a visa doesn’t have to be stressful. Sage Corps will help you secure the appropriate visa based on your citizenship. Please note that visa costs are the responsibility of the Fellow. Participation in any Sage Corps program is always contingent upon securing the appropriate visa.