Why Sydney is the Perfect Place to Intern Abroad


Samina Abdullah

Sage Corps Fellow Sydney 2019

Wondering what it’s like to intern in Sydney?? Check out this blog written by Samina Abdullah from the University of Michigan.

After being in Sydney for two weeks, I am so happy that I chose to intern in this city. Sydney truly is the perfect place to intern abroad. It has everything you could ever want from a professional and personal perspective.

Professionally, let’s just say that Sydney’s startup environment is “popping”. There are so many innovative companies in technology, finance, education, environment, and social good being started and operated from the city. I could tell this was the case from the seemingly endless number of coworking spaces for startups I’ve discovered in Sydney, and the increasing demand for coworking spaces I have learned about from my conversations with various professionals immersed in the startup scene. I have also noticed there are events all the time around the city where you can learn about building a startup, network, and further your professional development. Furthermore, I feel the startup community is very supportive here. People want to help their peers succeed in their startup process and professional journey. There are tons of public communities one can join to meet others who share a common interest, whether it be venture capital or the fashion industry.

Segueing into personal life, Sydney is perfection. It has something for everybody! First of all, I love the city because it is an urban center with loads of great shopping, restaurants,  and nightlife options. Even though it is a city, I really appreciate how the streets are kept super clean and how I don’t feel isolated from nature, as it is flawlessly incorporated in the city environment. Living in the city, most necessities and things to do are close by. Sydney is a very walkable city and if you want to go somewhere a bit outside of the city center, the train system is very convenient, cheap, and easy to use. From my apartment, it is a 20 minute walk to the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and the Royal Botanical Gardens, a 30 minute train ride to Bondi Beach, and a 5 minute walk from Darling Harbour. Feasible weekend adventures include trips to the mountains to go skiing or hiking, or to the beaches to go swimming or surfing.

Samina poses in front of the iconic Sydney Opera House with the rest of the 2019 Sage Corps Sydney Summer Cohort.

Besides the touristy adventures, I am also pleased with Sydney because I have been able to continue my hobby of dancing here. My boss recommended a wonderful dance studio, and I have loved taking classes there after work. I looked into my other interests like yoga, tennis, and ultimate frisbee, and it seems there are opportunities to pursue each one of these hobbies as well. I imagine you could pursue almost any hobby of yours while spending the summer in Sydney (I even walked by a shop for group knitting and tea drinking).


On a final note, I have found the people of Sydney to be generally friendly and I have felt safe walking around the city on my own. I think it is the perfect place to be for a summer of your college years. Sydney is a place that allows you to explore the world, gain professional experience, build your resume, be a tourist, practice being an adult, and have fun with your fellow interns!

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