Haiwen Chen | USC | Singapore

Haiwen is a sophomore studying Business Administration. This summer, he is working as a marketing intern for Nickel.to, a Fintech company in Singapore that provides money transfer services via a proprietary FX platform using cryptocurrencies. Some of his responsibilities include content creation for the company website, market analysis, and general business development.

Name one of the biggest challenges you’ve successfully overcome this summer.

"One of the biggest challenges that I’ve successfully overcome this summer was learning “Singlish,” a combination of Chinese, English, and Malay. I am fluent in Chinese and English but it took me a long time to understand. My peers also teach me Singlish terms during lunch and social hours."

Why did you decide to participate in Sage Corps?

"I decided to participate in Sage Corps because of my interest in entrepreneurship. Working for a startup is a unique experience because I get to learn about how a business grows from an innovative idea to a product in the market."

What is the most valuable lesson/ most valuable skill you’ve learned or strengthened while abroad in your city?

"The most valuable lesson I’ve learned in Singapore is to be open and accepting. Singapore is a very well-developed and well-integrated society where different cultures combine and produce a unique one. This summer experience makes me more determined about my goal to work in Singapore in the future."

Haiwen is still figuring out what exactly he would like to do after graduation, but as of now he is hoping to work in Singapore in the technology industry.

As this summer is drawing to a close, we can’t wait to see what Bulat, Haiwen, and the rest of their USC peers are able to accomplish in the remaining weeks of their fellowships. We know that they will continue to achieve great things when they return to the University of Southern California this fall as they continue to develop their careers. Who knows - we may even find their names among other USC alumni entrepreneurs one day!

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