Griffin Bourjaily | Northwestern | Chicago

Griffin is living in Chicago this summer and working as an intern at Coder Inc., a venture development services startup. He is currently working with one of Coder's main clients, a mobile platform that assists veterans with the transition into civilian life, and is creating a suite of investor materials for the founder and a pricing package for the company. He is also developing marketing and expansion strategies for Coder to improve the company's sales initiatives. Griffin is a rising senior majoring in Economics and minoring in Business.

Name one of your biggest wins of the summer.

"Finishing a financial model for the veteran services client that took us two weeks to find the data to back up our claims."

What is the most valuable lesson/ most valuable skill you’ve learned or strengthened during your internship?

"I would say my technical skills related to strategic thinking."

How has this experience helped you get closer to achieving your post-graduation/ career goals?

"I think Sage Corps not only looks great on a resume, but also gives students an opportunity to learn about a whole new industry that they wouldn't normally have access to. Without Sage Corps, I don't know if I would've been able to break into the tech startup industry unless I decided to create my own startup down the road. However, I am now more prepared for that path and know the ins and outs of the tech industry."

What's the most fun/ coolest thing you've done with your cohort so far this summer?

"I would say the Startup Grind event powered by Google Entrepreneurs. We helped decide what startup would receive funding which is really cool to be in that position."

Griffin plans to pursue a career in management consulting upon graduation.