Sage Corps Scholarship for Women in Tech

Sage Corps cohort members in Paris.  Photo by Milette Riis

Sage Corps cohort members in Paris. Photo by Milette Riis

Last month, we announced our new diversity scholarship aimed at making the intern abroad experience accessible and affordable to underrepresented populations. We're incredibly impressed by the outstanding applications we've been getting from diverse candidates all over the world, so we've decided to open up additional scholarship funds to another group that we feel needs better representation: women in tech.

There has been plenty of discussion of female representation in STEM in the media recently, but not enough is being done to help bridge the gap. For example, only about one in five engineering students and the same number of computer science students are female. These women go on to hold less than a quarter of all STEM jobs.

We're hoping that this scholarship opportunity will help incentivize more women to pursue the career of their dreams in tech. You can help by passing the opportunity along to the college-age women in your life and organizations that represent them.

Are you or someone you know a talented tech lady who could benefit from a scholarship to go abroad? Click the button below to get more details: