City Spotlight: Mexico City

¡Viva México! This week, Sage Corps traveled to Mexico City, our newest program location for Summer 2018. We can't wait to tell you all about this beautiful Latin American center of business, culture, and really, really good food.

What to Know

With a central population of 8.9 million and an even larger number of people in the metropolitan area, Mexico City is the largest city in North America (yep, even bigger than New York). For most of history it was known as the ancient Aztec city of Tenochtitlán, and it wasn't until the 1500s that Spanish conquistadores officially founded the Mexico City we think of today. It remained under Spanish rule until 1821, when Mexico gained independence from Spain.

The 20th century brought steady growth and urbanization to Mexico City, with distinct colonias (neighborhoods) forming as infrastructure developed. Today, it's known as a major travel destination - the New York Times named it the #1 place to go in 2016 - with a world-class cuisine and low cost of living.

What to Do

Mexico City has over 150 museums, most notably the Frida Kahlo Museum, National Museum of Anthropology, and Palacio de Bellas Artes, possibly making it the city with the most museums in the world (although Londoners might argue with you on that one). For a day trip out of the city, you can also check out Teotihuacan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to the 1st century AD.

The culinary capital is a great place to try regional food from all across Mexico, like tacos, pozole, elote, or chapulines - dried grasshoppers, if you're feeling adventurous. After dinner, make sure to experience some of Mexico City's infamous nightlife, including live music and lots of dancing.

Startup Scene

Mexico City is one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in Latin America. In fact, some predict its economy could become one of the five largest in the world by mid-century. That growth, supported by the city's young population and great university system, has attracted some of the biggest global names in the startup community. WeWork and centraal both boast a strong presence in the coworking space market, and accelerators are plentiful: Impact Hub, MassChallenge, and 500 Startups, just to name a few.

It's just the right ecosystem to produce a growing roster of A-list startups, many of which are in the social impact space. A few to watch: microfinance platform Kubo.financiero, delivery app Rappi, and TALLER NU, a design studio that employs female prisoners. See hundreds more on AngelList - and check back with us this summer to find out which of them will host Sage Corps interns!

Want to see, experience, and taste Mexico City for yourself? Learn about the brand new Sage Corps program departing for Mexico in Summer 2018: