University Spotlight: Middlebury College


Middlebury College is located in quaint Middlebury, Vermont. It was founded it 1800, making it the oldest university in Vermont.

But, Middlebury isn’t outdone by younger institutions! It is widely known today as one of the nation’s strongest private liberal arts colleges.

We were so excited to have a Middlebury student as a Sage Corps fellow in our Summer 2017 program.

Check out what one Panther had to say about her time in the Windy City.

Zorica Radanovic

Zorica spent her fellowship in Chicago as an intern for Digital4Startups, a full-service digital marketing consultancy. At Digital4Startups, her main responsibilties included analayzing data from Google Analytics, AdWords, and Facebook Manager to run reports for clients.

She is a junior majoring in International and Global Studies with a focus in African Studies and French.

Zorica and the Chicago cohort attending a CEO panel.

Zorica and the Chicago cohort attending a CEO panel.

Name one of your biggest wins of the summer.

"It is hard to pinpoint one single win, because this whole summer consisted of a process rather than singular events. However, there was one situation in which a client had a lot of traffic to her site and the site’s checkout page, but the conversion rate was extremely low. We, being my team and I, realized something was wrong, and worked to figure out what the issue was. We put ourselves in the shoes of the users and observed user activity. With our research, we came up with conclusions and gave them to the client. The client fixed the site, and the conversion rate improved more than two-fold."

Name one of the biggest challenges you successfully overcame this summer.

"One of the biggest challenges I encountered this summer was pacing myself. I realized quickly that there is only so much good work someone can do in a day."

Zorica smiling with her cohort at Sage Corps Orientation.

Zorica smiling with her cohort at Sage Corps Orientation.

What is the most valuable lesson/ most valuable skill you learned or strengthened during your internship?

"I learned how to learn. Everyone knows there is always a huge learning curve at a new job, but for someone from a liberal arts college, I feel like this learning curve is ever-present. I did not have many technical skills coming in, which is pretty intimidating in the start-up world. But, I had so many other things to offer — analytical, writing, and adaptability skills to name a few things. Now, all that was left was to mold my two worlds together: the 1871 project-driven go getters with the Middlebury, Vermonter intellects."

What's the most fun/ coolest thing you did with your cohort this summer?

"My favorite thing we did was speaking to Victor Saad, CEO of Experience Institute."

Zorica has a lot of interests, thus has several post-graduation options in mind. The top two are going to graduate school and working at a social enterprise before starting her own.

We loved seeing Zorica’s growth and progress throughout her fellowship! We’re proud to have her as a member of the Sage Corps Alumni Network.

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