City Spotlight: Bangalore



Bangalore, or Bengaluru, is the capital of the Indian state of Karnataka and the third largest city in India.

Its fifteen million citizens come from all over the world; Bangalore is widely celebrated as India’s most diverse city. It goes without saying that a city as big as this one is very fast-paced, busy, and buzzing with activity.

Bangalore is unique in that it offers a balance between life in the fast lane and enjoying the little things in life. With quick access to some of Asia’s most beautiful gardens and parks, Bangalore is an ideal location for those who don’t want to choose between an urban lifestyle and the great outdoors.


With the range and amount of attractions and activities in Bangalore, you’re bound to find several that align with your interests to help you experience the city your way.

Bangalore Palace, Shiva Temple, and Bull Temple are widely noted as must see spots. The palace gives insight into the fascinating political history of India, and the temples help visitors experience the country’s rich religious history centering around Hinduism.

Most people who visit Bangalore for the first time don’t realize that hundreds of acres of nature parks and gardens are easily accessible from the downtown area. Consider yourself informed! Lal Bagh is the city’s most popular botanical garden and sits on a whopping 250 acres. It was commissioned in 1760 and has been a beautiful getaway for city dwellers ever since. Cubbon Park, another calm contrast from the hustle and bustle of the city, is even larger at 300 acres.

Those people looking to experience the city’s retail and artisan communities should stop by Commercial Street, Bangalore’s biggest marketplace. Here, you can get handmade duppata and cotton prints. You’ll also be able to stop by one of the street’s many food stands to try Bangalore’s famous masala dosa, a rice pancake with red chili chutney stuffed with potato curry.

The city is also home to various museums, cricket matches, music festivals, and world renowned bars and restaurants.


Bangalore is the place to be if you’re a budding entrepreneur in India. Period. The city is called the Silicon Valley of India, and for good reason.

First, it has a thriving IT community. India has over 1 million IT workers, and over a third of them live in Bangalore. The city also has the highest percentage of engineers in its workforce compared to any other city in the world.

Bangalore not only has the talent needed to thrive in the startup space, but the institutions and funding that are important to entrepreneurs as well. There are dozens of accelerators and incubators in the city, such as T-Labs, K-Start, and 10,000 Startups, dedicated to helping budding entrepreneurs scale their businesses. Venture capitalists have a reputation for loving Bangalore, which makes the city friendly to startups that need financial help to get off the ground.

Plus, well-known technology corporations, like IBM, HP, Wipro, and Tata Consultancy services, all have a large presence in the city and help inspire creativity and innovation among local startups.

Bangalore’s startup ecosystem is full of variety and talent — from AI work, big data analytics, to hardware development, you’re bound to find your niche and work on projects that matter to you.