Summer 2019 Dates: June 15 - August 10

If you’re looking for a glimpse at one of the fastest-paced startup hubs in the world, look no further than Beijing.

Rumored to overcome Silicon Valley in the next few years as the top startup ecosystem, Beijing has made a name for itself as one of the most dynamic and mounting startup scenes worldwide. China’s large market size, combined with its ambition to emerge as a global tech superpower, has led to entrepreneurial success in the country’s capital. Sage Corps fellows in Beijing are sure to reap the benefits of this frenzied startup scene by working among some of the world’s most motivated entrepreneurs, on some of the world’s most innovative ideas.


“It had a profound impact in my career path -- I decided to major in Computer Science, and my Sage Corps internship seemed to be very significant on my resume as my referrers (I asked for internal referrals at various companies) and interviewers seemed to regard it highly. Also it was an extremely valuable experience to live in Singapore, or in general in a developed area in Asia, because I have been considering moving to Asia sometime in the future for career opportunities.”

- Boris Shou, Singapore 2015, Colgate