My responsibilities here are far beyond those I would get at some of the other places I was considering for this summer. Things move so fast here, the work culture is so energetic, and I am getting a look at how the startup community operates in a foreign country. Even in eight weeks, I will have contributed more to Cookapp than I ever would have been able to at a big company.

Working with a startup in Buenos Aires taught me so much about the intersection of Latin American culture and business. Being thrown into an environment that both tested my ability to excel in a foreign business atmosphere and provide great work for my start-up was something I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Sage Corps is 100% my catalyst on getting the full-time job offer I was seeking. The skills and values one obtains from pushing outside of one’s comfort zone with Sage Corps are invaluable for any path you wish to pursue.
— Mike Justus, Michigan - Ross