I loved the opportunity to be on calls with CEOs and brand liaisons from the US companies – many of whom had moved to the States from another country and had incredible stories to share about how their companies came to be. My own CEO was based in Brazil, but worked all over the globe. Each week, we would collaborate on new ideas for working with partners, using what I had learned from conversations with brands about what worked and didn’t in terms of attracting partners. I deployed a new branding strategy to improve US-brand reception and willingness to partner with our team.

My trip this summer was only the second time I have left my home country, but this trip reinforced my desire to work for a company that will afford me the opportunity to continue travelling abroad. I hope to one day work with startups in developing countries to provide foundational business training and support their success. In the short-term, I hope to continue building my own global understanding.
— Kathleen Grace, Michigan - Ross