What do past interns usually walk away with from the program?

Past interns have gained a variety of experiences from the program. They've developed hard skills like practical experience with coding, data analytics, content development, or business development and sales. They have also developed soft skills like communication, task management, cross cultural understanding, and flexibility. Beyond the skills students have gained the ability to network and promote themselves to future their professional and personal goals.

What are some of the success stories?

We have many! But almost every student from the program walks away with a new and unique experience that they can bring to future endeavors, whether that is back to class, their next internships, or pursuing full time opportunities.

Have companies offered fellows a full-time position?

Yep! Obviously that differs based on the startup, but there are absolutely opportunities for future connections.

Who are the alumni?

We have alumni who are across the globe, who are taking part in startups, Fortune 500 companies, or pursuing further education. It is a great network that is very connected.

How active is the alumni network? How does it work?

There is a very active Sage Corps alumni network! Our alumni from universities and cities across the global connect, share experiences with future Fellows, and connect to expand their global networks. This can be on an individual mentorship basis, webinars on how-to get into a particular professional field, or even recruitment for existing employment opportunities. It’s a great way to continue growing both personally and professionally.


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