What does my deposit cover?

It holds your spot in the program and is deducted from the final program fee. Please note the deposit is non-refundable.

How much will the out of pocket costs be?

For more detailed information on the total costs of the program, please visit our Sample Budget pages. Each city has their a sample budget of its own, to visit it, check out the location page of the city that you are interested in or use the following url :

Hong Kong Example:

Just replace the city name at the end of the URL with your destination city

Can I get/use scholarships for the program?

YES. Many of our fellows join the program with some form of scholarship. For more information on Scholarships and Other Financial Aid Resources, please visit this page.

How much in scholarships is usually awarded?

Depending on the source of funding, fellows have received between 20-80% of the program fees as scholarships.

Is housing included? What does it look like?

Housing varies depending on your destination. Please visit our housing page for more detailed information on housing for each city.