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Here are some common questions that you may have. If your question wasn't answered here, use the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page to send us an inquiry! 

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Cost and
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Cost & FA FAQ

Cost & FA FAQ


What does my deposit cover?

It holds your spot in the program and is deducted from the final program fee. Please note the deposit is non-refundable.

How much will the out of pocket costs be?

For more detailed information on the total costs of the program, please visit our Sample Budget pages. Each city has their a sample budget of its own, to visit it, check out the location page of the city that you are interested in or use the following url :

Hong Kong Example: http://sagecorps.com/sample-budget-hong-kong

Just replace the city name at the end of the URL with your destination city

Can I get/use scholarships for the program?

YES. Many of our fellows join the program with some form of scholarship. For more information on Scholarships and Other Financial Aid Resources, please visit this page.

How much in scholarships is usually awarded?

Depending on the source of funding, fellows have received between 20-80% of the program fees as scholarships.

Is housing included? What does it look like?

Housing varies depending on your destination. Please visit our housing page for more detailed information on housing for each city.


Application FAQ

Application FAQ


When do you begin to review applications?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis year-round. We will notify you when we receive your application.

What happens after I submit my application?

You will see an immediate confirmation that your application has been received. You should then be hearing from us via email within 1-2 business days if you are selected for an interview. Within 2 weeks, you will hear about a final admissions decision.

Please check your spam to make sure you are receiving emails from Sage Corps.

Please note: All binding admission applications will receive priority consideration for interviews. We review applications, conduct interviews, and extend offers on a rolling basis.

What happens after my interview?

After the interview process, we will vet potential startups. For qualified candidates, we will try to extend a formal offer within 3 weeks of your interview. Binding admission applications will receive priority consideration for offers.

We are looking for rockstars. We love hackers, hustlers, designers and especially intelligent go-getters that aren't afraid of hard work. Students who are independent, self-confident and seek to challenge themselves do particularly well in our program.

What do you prefer in an applicant?

No; many of the startups operate in English and all company CEOs are conversant English-speakers

Sage Corps can coordinate intensive language courses for interested Fellows

Do I need to be fluent in the local languages?

What if I’m a __ major? Will I be accepted?

Sage Corps students apply from different majors, disciplines, and backgrounds. There is no one major that Sage Corps draws from. We encourage all applicants!

What is the difference between the sage corps program & Leap semester program?

The difference between the Sage Corps and Leap Semester programs are the curricular pieces that accompany each. The Leap semester program is run in conjunction with our partner, Experience Institute, to incorporate online curriculum with the in person internship experience. Sage Corps students have the opportunity to either intern full-time at a startup company directly or take courses at a local university as a direct enroll student and intern part time on the side.

If your parents have questions, invite them to visit our parents page here

What if my parents have questions?


Abroad FAQ

Abroad FAQ

Being Abroad FAQs

Do i have a say in the company that I work for?

All students will interview with 1-2 startup companies before committing. Sage Corps takes information from your interview and connects you to a startup that is the best fit to your skills. Once you speak with the company, you are able to confirm or decline the invitation. If it's not a great match, we'll do our best to find another great one.

How does the “matching process” work?

We'll look at your skills, major, interests, experiences, and goals to determine what might be the best role, and introduce you to a company that is looking to fill that void accordingly. you'll chat with the startup, see if it's the right fit. If it is, great! If not, we'll get you in touch with another company (or two or three) until we find the best fit for you. Of course, we cannot guarantee that any startup will take you - you need to receive an offer from the company. In the rare circumstance that we ultimately cannot place you in your assigned country, we can look at other cities, and as a last resort will issue a full refund.

For more information on our Host Startup visit our Startup Page

How many hours a week will i be working?

If you’re on the full time program, you can expect to be working 35-45 hours a week. For the part-time program, students can expect to work 15-20 hours a week.

What role will i take on with the company?

Within the company, students tend to take one of three roles:

  1. Biz dev/sales (link to job des)
  2. Marketing
  3. Product dev
  4. Analytics

Each of these roles are very versatile and traditionally get exposure to every facet of the company.

What is a typical day in a startup like?

There is no typical day at a startup! However, you will vary between working on project independently that are your assigned tasks, self-initiated projects, project with your team, and additional professional opportunity with C-level executive at a company.

What goes on during orientation?

The orientation events for each city vary depending on the city itself and also on what events are available at the time you are going abroad.

Here is a Sample Orientation Schedule for your reference.

What are some examples of weekly programs to expect?

Examples of weekly events that you can expect over the course of your program are such as Networking Events, Tours & Presentations at Startup Accelerators, Roundtable Meetings, City-specific Festivals, and other social activities.

For more examples, check out the samplie itinerary on each city page

Will this opportunity be paid?

We ask that all startups provide a stipend for each student in order to compensate them for their time, however, many startups are strapped for cash and may not be able to provide a stipend. During your interview, you’ll be able to note your preference for compensation.

Do I have a network of interns within the country?

We send cohorts of 10-20 students to each city. Outside of the work day, you and the other cohort members can explore as much as you'd like - whether that's going out to dinner, exploring the culture, or traveling outside of the city over a weekend.

How many interns work at each startup?

There are 1-2 Sage Corps Fellows per startup, but each company may have other local or global interns that they are bringing onto the team.


Outcome FAQ

Outcome FAQ


What do past interns usually walk away with from the program?

Past interns have gained a variety of experiences from the program. They've developed hard skills like practical experience with coding, data analytics, content development, or business development and sales. They have also developed soft skills like communication, task management, cross cultural understanding, and flexibility. Beyond the skills students have gained the ability to network and promote themselves to future their professional and personal goals.

What are some of the success stories?

We have many! But almost every student from the program walks away with a new and unique experience that they can bring to future endeavors, whether that is back to class, their next internships, or pursuing full time opportunities.

Have companies offered fellows a full-time position?

Yep! Obviously that differs based on the startup, but there are absolutely opportunities for future connections.

Who are the alumni?

We have alumni who are across the globe, who are taking part in startups, Fortune 500 companies, or pursuing further education. It is a great network that is very connected.

How active is the alumni network? How does it work?

There is a very active Sage Corps alumni network! Our alumni from universities and cities across the global connect, share experiences with future Fellows, and connect to expand their global networks. This can be on an individual mentorship basis, webinars on how-to get into a particular professional field, or even recruitment for existing employment opportunities. It’s a great way to continue growing both personally and professionally.


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