A Little About Dublin

Dublin is the capital and largest city in Ireland. Being a small country, Ireland has been prone to export, but also to welcoming new people into the country from all corners in the world. In fact, Lonely Planet named Dublin one of the top 10 friendliest countries in the world in 2011.

At the very same time, Dublin also ranked as the “best city to found a business in” by Forbes Magazine. The inflow of people and ideas alike has contributed to their amazingly skilled workforce and the thriving startup community in Dublin. Thousands of fintech, travel tech and edtech startups have found their home in the city, and the numbers only continue to grow.

Founder Story

The idea that sparked Axonista was first conceived over a couple pints of beer in a discussion between Claire McHugh and Daragh Ward, Co-Founders of Axonista. Claire had taken interest in the adoption of new technology within the TV industry, and Daragh was keen on building a fresh software product, so they combined forces to tackle mobile TV.

Claire had always worked in companies where the founders were actively involved in their businesses, which became a large influence for her deciding to pursue her own business. At the same time, coming from a musical background and a family of creative minds, she truly believes that startups are all about creating something out of nothing.

“Dublin is a great place to get involved because of the supportive and open startup community.”
~ Claire McHugh

The Company

Axonista is an interactive video platform, where technology powers real-time interactive video graphics for some of the world's leading video and TV companies. MTV networks, Viacom, QVC and many more have used Axonista’s content management tool, which features full interactivity functions.

When the company was founded in 2010, Claire and Daragh worked restlessly to figure out what exactly customers needed. It was in 2013 that the company received their first seed-rank funding and really began to grow. Today, Axonista is an office of 20 people in Dublin, and just recently opened a new office in New York.

What makes Axonista different from other companies in the TV space is their innovative culture. They are a company that values curious minds who are concerned about creating high quality deliverables, and are undeniably team players. The fact that they take lab days once a month to work together on a mini hackathon is a real testament to their innovative culture.

Words from an Alum

Eli Wallace, a 2016 fellow, spent the summer working with Axonista in Dublin. He was tasked with various marketing responsibilities, but his favorite project was developing demo videos. He had no experience whatsoever, but he was excited about it, and ultimately created a successful product.

 “My roommate was great, the cohort was great, the atmosphere was incredible. If nothing else, I highly recommend visiting the small towns outside Dublin; you’ll find some amazing beaches there.”
~ Eli Wallace