What does it really mean to be "Saging in Singapore?" According to this the Singapore Fellow's posts on social media thus far, it means:

  • Picture 1: Repping Maize & Blue with some new friends
  • Picture 2: Taking a lunch break and heading over to LinkedIn
  • Picture 3: Visiting BASH - Singapore’s largest startup space
  • Picture 4: Posing with the Sage Corps squad...and this seal

Dare I continue?

As you can see, Sage Corps' 2nd generation of Singapore Fellows is already off to a great start. And as they take the summer to explore this progressive (and beautiful) island, you're probably asking yourself "why should I even care?"

Here's why: The 13 Fellows you see listed below are an inspiration to anyone who has ever thought about coloring outside the lines, both personally and professionally. Fellows like Santiago Fajer Botaya and Chelsea Chen are not afraid to push their limits and take on an internship in another country. And Fellows like Mary Brown and Nirmal Patel? Well, they saw that working at a startup meant being given more creative opportunities in the way they learn, work and innovate. Every Fellow you see below had a vision and now they are living it.

So there you have it, folks - this is what it means to be "Saging in Singapore."

(Mic drop).