Sage Corps' Summer 2015, Buenos Aires Cohort

Sage Corps' Summer 2015, Buenos Aires Cohort

You've heard it before - "Nothing worth doing is ever easy." Like:  

In his final #FellowFriday post (for now), graduating Rice Senior and Sage Corps Alum, Giray Ozseker, shares how his biggest challenges living abroad last summer in Buenos Aires were actually his best memories. Take it away, Giray!

What was the best part about living abroad & what was the hardest part?

Both questions can be answered with the same response: Doing something you’ve never done, going somewhere you’ve never been and in a language you’ve never spoken.

Now that I think about it, I am low-key jealous of the incoming cohort who will get to do these things next year.
— Sage Corps Alum, Giray

Although I had been taking Spanish for a year and a half at that point, I had never been to a Spanish-speaking country, and I had little experience in speaking. The first week was simply frustrating. The work was challenging, I was trying to work the basics of the city, and my Spanish was slippery. The fact that all of this was happening at the same time wasn’t helping much either. My mind was constantly overwhelmed, and I didn’t know if I was liking it.

Yet, learning is a painful and fun process at the same time. After I started getting used to everything, I was thoroughly enjoying all of these things I was dreading. Going out, asking people the directions to somewhere in the city, talking to coworkers, coding, all became my favorite things. (Now that I think about it, I am low-key jealous of the incoming cohort who will get to do these things next year.)

It’s like diving from a high cliff or bungee jumping. It seems very intimidating at first, and you feel very uncomfortable during the process, but once you are done and you look back, you realize that it has become your favorite memory. My summer in Buenos Aires with Sage Corps was indeed one of the hardest things I’ve done. It’s also my favorite.

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