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For those who suffer from "FOMO" (A Fear of Missing Out) ...brace yourself.

While you were fast asleep a few weeks ago, Sage Corps Fellow and Experience Institute Student, Sami Ahmed, was meeting with some of the world's greatest innovators at TEDx Hong Kong. How? Our host incubator/co-working space, CoCoon, where he currently interns, invited him. (Talk about having the right connections.)

Bad news: You missed out by not being there with him. Good news: Sami took over Sage Corps' Twitter with live tweets from the event and wrote a blog post of his experience so you could still get a taste of his time at TEDxHK. (Thanks Sami!)

Without further adieu, let's dive right in.

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If I’ve learned anything so far it’s this: don’t be afraid to be the underdog, you aren’t alone.
— Sami Ahmed

In his blog titled, "The Underdog," Sami reflected on a conversation he had with three young entrepreneurs from Hong Kong. They disscussed the contrast between the U.S.'s and Hong Kong's relationships with entrepreneurship - i.e. while it is romanticized in the U.S., entrepreneurs can be seen as the underdog in Hong Kong.

He goes on to say, "We weren’t just talking about startups in Hong Kong, we were talking about a stifling societal pressure. --- We were all underdogs around this table, united by our own internal struggles to do what we believe in."

His closing remarks are powerful beyond measure. Take notes:

"As the conversation came to an end, I jumped on the subway and realized how grateful I am that I took a stand to come to Hong Kong. Too often, we give ourselves reasons why we can’t do what we believe in. My plane ticket, my rent in Chicago, fearing I won’t learn enough – any one of those could’ve been the obstacle to keep me from where I am now: Sitting on an orange couch about to go and be briefed by the Investment Director for a seed capital fund in Hong Kong. If I’ve learned anything so far it’s this: don’t be afraid to be the underdog, you aren’t alone."